What one change would make your life

happier, more comfortable, and easier?

What one change would

make your life

happier, more comfortable,

and easier?

Quit Smoking

Weight Loss

Stress Relief

Quantum Journeys

I'm here to help you:

  • Release yourself from unhealthy habits & negative self-talk

  • Move past your fears, blocks, & unhelpful patterns of behavior

  • Reconnect with your inner resources of imagination, creativity & innate abilities

  • Discover the best version of you


Take back control of your life

Let me personally welcome you to

Right Fit Hypnosis

What is it that's actually holding you back from

living the life you want?

I imagine you're here because you're tired of the same old, same old...

you're ready to take back control of your life...

maybe it's something you're clear on...

it could be a habit you want to let go of,

or something you want to overcome,

or perhaps something you want to improve ,

or something you simply want to release,

or maybe you just want to feel better & enjoy life more...

whatever it is that's holding you back,

if you're ready to begin a fresh new chapter in your life

so that you're looking forward to your future,


You've come to exactly the right place.

Individualized sessions to meet your unique needs

Why Hypnosis?

*Hypnosis is a natural state that enables you to gain deeper insights, release negative emotions, behaviors, and thought patterns that block your progress, so you can become receptive to positive suggestions.

*Through this process, you can quickly integrate new, healthier strategies, skills, and strengths to support your personal growth and development.

*Hypnosis offers numerous benefits. Many of my clients have reported that they have experienced improvement, not only with the issue which brought them to me, but they also have noticed unexpected improvements in other areas of their lives, especially in the area of personal relationships. Many have noticed that as they have released stored negative emotions and reduced their anxiety levels, that all of their social interactions became easier and happier.

*Additionally, hypnosis often leads to increased relaxation, improved sense of overall well-being, lowered heart rate, reduced blood pressure, and better sleep for many people.

Why Right Fit Hypnosis?

* My approach is unique and outcome-oriented, with minimal focus on the past.

*Our focus together will be to identify whatever it is that is holding you back and help you release it. I design your program specifically to meet YOUR individual needs, goals, and capabilities.

*By using the most effective strategies and techniques, most that you may not have experienced before, I ensure that our time together is optimized to provide you with the greatest possible benefit, enabling you to move forward with confidence as you activate your true potential.

It's time to take action NOW ... and it's as easy as 1,2,3

Step 1:

Book a FREE Confidential

Discovery Call Directly with Me

In a pressure-free consult,

we'll talk about your needs.

Then you'll decide if

hypnosis is a right fit

for the results you want

Step 2:

I'll guide you through the Transformational

Hypnosis Experience

Using a process as gentle as daydreaming, we'll remove the

hidden blocks that have

been holding you back and

re-connect you to your

inner resources.

Step 3:

You'll Enjoy a New Sense of Empowerment as you Take Back

Control of Your Life

You'll discover the best version of you, as you uncover your inner

strength and reclaim

your own power.


Helen H.

" I truly have regained my confidence and my health

"I started Patty's weight loss program 5 months ago and now I'm down 2-3 dress sizes since then. Before I started I was tired and large and just not happy with myself.

I'm now much calmer, I have more energy and everything I do is more comfortable.

This time is so different than other times I've lost weight because my attitude is way different. I feel better about myself, about the way I feel about food, and I am just so much happier about my life. I even look forward to exercising!

Philip T.

"My anxiety was gone after just one session"

" I've been a musician all my life. It is my passion. I play with a semi-professional marching band. A few months ago while practicing, I accidentally played the wrong note with a harsh sound.... and then it happened again during a performance! I was mortified.

I felt paralyzed with fear that this would continue happening. I began to dread playing the music I loved. I couldn't believe my musical career was ending this way.

On a whim I contacted Patty LeRoy to see if hypnosis could help me. To my utter surprise & delight, after just one session with her my performance anxiety has absolutely vanished! Hypnosis was the answer to my prayers! Thank you, Patty"

Pam J.

" I just wish I had done this sooner."

"I'm embarrassed to say, I've smoked for 45 years. And after just one session with Patty at Right, Fit Hypnosis, I know I was ready to quit because it was amazing and it was EASY.
My family is so proud of me. I love being a non-smoker! I can't believe I waited so long. To anybody out there, who really wants to quit, if you need to, just borrow the money to do this… You won't be sorry!!"

Hi! I'm Patty LeRoy

For many years I had a career as an Early Childhood Specialist, where my focus was on understanding the developing human mind, to help me better understand the ways that we all learn and develop new skills.

12 years ago, my passion for following these newest developments in brain research led me to be trained in a wide range of methods of clinical hypnosis to become a Certified Professional Hypnotist .

The biggest discovery I’ve made is that as a hypnotist is that I'm not just using techniques and powerful words to try to cause you to change, but rather, I'm actually stepping back into that role of educator and showing my clients how you can shift your thinking at an unconscious level, so that you are able to access your own infinite inner resources to permanently make the changes you seek.

My goal is to give you the tools to build your independence in yourself, rather than a dependence on me.

I look forward to working with you.

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