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All permanent change happens from the inside out…

and it begins with YOU.

At Right Fit Hypnosis you will identify the issues that have been keeping you stuck
in old, unwanted patterns of thought & behavior.
Then, using hypnosis I will help you remove those obstacles so that you can
easily & naturally make the changes YOU want to make to
take back control of your life

Take 10 To Relax

What one change would make your life
happier, more comfortable, and easier?

Whatever your goal is...

Let me personally welcome you to Right Fit Hypnosis

You've come to exactly the right place

Quit Smoking or other Unwanted Habits

Weight Loss ~

Weight Management

Overcome Stress

and Anxiety



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Philip T.

“I’ve been a musician all my life. It is my passion. I play with a semi-professional marching band. A few months ago when practicing, I accidentally played the wrong note, with a harsh sound…and, then it happened again during a performance! I was mortified.

I felt paralyzed with fear that this would continue happening. I began to dread playing the music I loved. I couldn’t believe my musical career was ending this way. On a complete whim, I contacted Patty LeRoy to see if Hypnosis could possibly help. To my utter surprise and delight, after just one session with her, my performance anxiety has absolutely vanished! I am here to say that Hypnosis has truly answered my prayers. Thank you, Patty”

Pam J.

“I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve smoked for 45 years. And after just one session with Patty at Right Fit Hypnosis, I know I was ready to quit because it was amazing & easy.

My family is so proud of me. I love being a non-smoker! I can’t believe I waited so long. To anybody out there who really wants to quit, If you need to, borrow the money to do this…you won’t be sorry!!”